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Friday, April 20, 2007

Another day, another drama. Our St. Bernard has been acting sick the last few days. Vomiting, lethargic, not pooping. She has a penchant for socks, so I took her to the vet. Sure enough, he thinks she has an intestinal blockage. He gave me some medicine, told me to watch her closely and call him with an update in the morning. He said we are now the No. 1 patient on his worry list. If she starts to show any sign of distress we have to take her in for emergency surgery.

I was supposed to do the MS Walk tomorrow, but now I'll probably have to stay home to keep an eye on the Idiot. When I got home from Sit'N'Stitch tonight she seemed to have more energy and has been staring at her food bowl. Hopefully that's a good sign and she'll pass the sock tomorrow. Also, she doesn't want the other Idiots around her. But, the Rotten Idiot keeps her eyes and ears clean. (I know it sounds gross but it really is quite cute when you see it.) Know she has eye boogers that she keeps on depositing on my pants when I massage behind her ears.

When I realized she might have a sock stuck in her the first thing I though of was the pair I knit last week. But, I found both of them under the bed. Wouldn't that have been a have your first pair of knit socks cause your dog to have emergency surgery?

Oh, and I had to rip out everything I knit on Sahara (typical) because somehow I accidentally lost a stitch at the provisional cast on row. The expert at the S'N'S tried to help me save it, but there was also something funky going on a few rows lower.

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At 11:17 AM, Blogger emily brutalitë said...

My cat Josephine has a passion for paper, but other than that no swallowing of socks sofar :). I hope your dog feels better!


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