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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All the stuff I need to post about but am to lazy to do so

We bought a treadmill this weekend. We got a good deal at Sears ($1200 model on clearance for $600). Well, we (meaning Greg) had to go pick it up at the Sears warehouse in town. That involves following on of the Sears guys to the warehouse so that he can unlock it and get it out of the back (pretty high tech, huh). Greg schlepped it home and we managed to get it in the living room (with the help of our neighbor). It took Greg about 2 hours to put together. ( I tried to help at first, but I got upset with him not following directions and left in a snit.) After it was all put together Greg turned it on and it didn't work! The screen was back lit, but that's it. No beeping, no numbers, no pressing start and having the treadmill start up...nothing. Greg, being the good little handyman that he is, took it apart to see if he could troubleshoot it. No luck. He called customer service. They said that they could send someone out to look at it during the week (during work hours, naturally), but the guy would probably have to order a part and that would take another week or two. NO DICE!! We broke apart the treadmill and returned it Sears to exchange it for another one. Same routine about two hours later. But this time, the treadmill works! So we start it up and test it out. We raised the incline and lowered the incline. Or, I should say tried to lower the incline. We raised it level 12 and it wouldn't go back down. So, Greg took apart this treadmill to get to the bottom of the problem. He must of done something right because the incline went down and the treadmill works great now. (Ssh...Don't tell anyone I said that I don't want to jinx it.)

On another note, I got a great package from my Sock Yarn Swap from Your Stash partner, stabuluos! It really took the edge off dying the day before. I love the yarn, i can't believe she let it go from her stash. It's Knitting Notion Supermerino Supersock Yarn in Wildflower. yummy!

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Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm dead

My assassination came in the mail today. They are a great pair of socks, I'm just really bummed that I'm out so soon. Oh well, I guess it was just the luck of the draw.
My assassin emailed me last night so I knew that they were coming. But, when I was watching the postman today, I was still hoping for the best. No luck.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Socks of Death

Sock Wars started on Friday and I've reached my goal! I have successfully finished my first pair of socks without being killed! I call them my Socks of Death #1. I was pretty lucky that my target had the same size feet as me. It made it a lot easier to measure foot length.

The pattern was a lot quicker than I thought it would be. The leg is only about 4 1/2 inches long. I was able to finish them even though I worked a full day on Friday, did the March of Dime Walk on Saturday morning and went to a Bunco game Saturday night. However, I did take the knitting to Bob Evans for breakfast this morning. (Greg was making fun of me for that.) I know a lot of people said that they had problems with the pattern, but I found it pretty easy to knit.

They are being sent on to Utah tomorrow morning.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Birthday Celebration

On Friday we had a surprise birthday party for the owner of With Ewe in Mind, Maureen. We each made her a 10x10 inch square that we were going to combine into an afghan. When she opened them she kept on saying "Oh, a dishcloth. How nice." It took her a little while to catch on. Greg was in Kansas City last week for training. I told him that I wanted a present while he was away, so he stopped in a local yarn shop and bought me some yarn! Look how good of a job he did:

Oh, and a shout out to doxietrek, who sent me the best package last week for the Guilty Pleasure/Good Karma Swap!

Penny ended up eating half of the Dark Chocolate bar with chili pepper in it. I was very upset. the Idiots are going to have to be retrained about getting food off the table and counters.

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